Sunday, March 27, 2011

Murray gets to the heart of the matter.

I read an article by Seth Emerson about the team chemistry being an issue last year and how supposedly the bad apples are gone and the new group will have better leaders. I would try to let this give me hope for a change of next years team except that I heard in 2009 with a slightly different tone, it was more well last year was about the stars, this year is more about the team. That what Joe Cox lacked in Stafford's ability he made up for in leadership. I heard it in 2010 that there were not enough leaders and how players were going to make more of an effort to lead the way. Now we are in 2011 and we are hearing about players that are gone that were cancers and how the new guys are brothers.
I am not writing this to dismiss that notion, it is possible that some guys were cancers and that this years bunch might be tighter, maybe playing for Richt's job has brought them closer, maybe a losing season that none of them want to face again has done it, maybe having the coaches go out and basically say we need more talent than what we have now by talking about the "dream team" has lit a fire under the teams butt. All of this is wonderful to hear but how much stock can we as fans put in it?
The most encouraging thing I have heard from the whole bunch comes from Aaron Murray. The starting quarterback is usually thrown into the position of leader of the team, for good or bad depending on the quarterback. This quote “Everything is great right now. You’re not playing any games, you’re just going out there and practicing and working out,” Murray said. “I mean when things get hard, you’ll see what a team’s really made of.”shows that Murray gets it and gives me some reassurance that at least one guy, and a pretty important one at that gets it. He realizes that they can say all the right things now but the only thing that will matter is how they act, and if that results in better play that leads to wins. I like that the team is talking about a better attitude but I will reserve my judgement of that attitude until the first time they face adversity, a quick score for the other team, being down a couple scores, a turnover when about to score, a turnover that leaves the defense backed up against the goalline. Will the "new leaders" and "attitude" show up then or will the "cancers" start to rear their heads again. I hope it is the former. With Boise and Carolina right out of the shoot, I expect we will find out early in the season.

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