Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last night I was reading Seth Emerson's blog and I checked out the comments section. Now I know there are some crazy comments out there on the internet but this one just really caught my attention. Georgia's practice was closed to the public and so the reporters were only able to state what Richt had said about the scrimmage. One comment by everyone's favorite poster called Bobo "boo boo" and stated how it was the same old vanilla play calling that we have had to deal with since Bobo took over as offensive co-ordinator. I am just curious where in the world people come up with some of these things. First, it was a scrimmage. Second, how can you pass judgement on something you didn't see. Third from the comments Richt made about the practice the offense faired pretty well. Obviously given the fact that I am using the internet now to express my opinions I think it is a wonderful thing, but it also allows everyone that thinks that they know everything run their mouths about things they know little about. I know it will never happen but more people should think about what they write and how it would sound to others before hitting the send button.


  1. hey Dawgfan17,

    Not a knock on you at all, but you've got to change the name of your blog. The symbol of the University of Georgia is the Arch, not arches. The arches are yellow and serve crappy cheeseburgers. The Arch is the symbol of pride of UGA. Sorry, but that's something that always bugs me everytime I see or hear it wrong.

    And I'm actually very glad you're writing this post because I agree 100% that these anon comments are ridiculous and should be done away with. If Seth and others would just delete these comments, their blogs would improve and hits would go up. Just my opinion though.

    And seriously, change your blog name, it makes you look like an idiot.

  2. Thanks for the comment, to be honest I came up with the name late at night at work and never gave it a second thought but you are correct, it is only an Arch and so I am not above admitting my mistake, it has been corrected.
    As for anon, some "anon" comments are actually insightful but I have always been of the belief that if you have something worth saying you can at least put your name on it, even if that name is made up, for a couple of reasons. First putting a name behind something says you stand behind it. Second it allows others to put all of someones comments together to get a better idea of their overall mindset.