Sunday, June 12, 2011

random thought on government

Lately (all of the 2000's) it seems as if government creates a whole new department for every issue that arises. Without knowing all the details I would think it would be simpler and more cost effective to simply add to the responsibilities of other departments. With each new department, czar and whatever else you have many layers of government that you must create. You have to have the head of the department, his assistants, the deputy head, his assistants and then the front line people. You have to find new offices, letterhead, phones etc.

To me this would be like each time a school system has overcrowding and needs a new say high school creating a new school district. There is no need for a whole new school district and all that comes with it. No new school board, no new superintendant. Just teachers, school support staff and a principal. It would create a lot of redundancy that costs money and really serves no useful purpose.

If anything I believe government should be trying to consolidate as much as possible and eliminate redundancies. By doing this they could actually hire more people on the front lines (say people checking for fraud, border agents etc.) while still cutting overall cost and upping productivity by eliminating extra layers of management, buildings etc.

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