Friday, July 22, 2011

Malcolm Mitchell - Murray Raves

This is not breaking news as most UGA fans have probably already read on other sites how much Aaron Murray raved about him as the SEC media days, but with Murray saying that Mitchell was "faster and quicker" than AJ Green and that "he could start for any team in the country right now" it deserves a closer look at the impact he could have on UGA this fall. People tend to think that true freshman that have a major impact on a team are few and far between, not every star recruit can step in the way AJ did and impact a team. Georgia recently though has had a great deal of success with freshmen wide receivers. Terrence Edwards had 53 catches for 772 yards(11 game season), AJ Green had 58 catches for 963 yards and 8 tds, Mohamed Massaquoi had 38 catches for 505 yards in their freshman years.

If Mitchell can match the bottom of those three that would add 3 catches and 40 yards a game to the team. That would just about replace all of Kris Durham's numbers from last year. With Tavarres King Expected to be the number 1 guy that would be huge to have that second guy to take pressure off of King. Throw in the numbers that the tight ends are capable of putting up and at least in the passing game there should be little drop off. If, and this is a huge if, Mitchell turns out to be as good as Murray is saying he can be and were to put up numbers closer to Edwards or Green's freshmen years then look out for what the offense can do.

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