Thursday, October 6, 2011

Film review - Mississippi State

1)Mississippi State started the game 7 of 8 passing. They also completed 5 of his last six with Georgia in prevent. The rest of the game they were 7 of 19.

2)On Zander Ogletree's return after State's field goal it was actually Aaron White that called for the fair catch. Had he not Ogletree would have had a nice return.

3)Part of the struggles at times on offense are the failure of Murray and the running backs to sell the play fake. There were several times that it was not just a poor fake but Murray never got the ball near the running back. I am not sure if it is the backs faults or Murray's but this needs to be cleaned up. On Murray's second interception the linebacker that made the play started up on the play fake then quickly realized it was pass and stepped back to make the interception. Had the play fake been sold better he is not in the throwing lane and the play likely results in a big gain.

4)Speaking of the interception from what I could tell the other two interceptions where not bad decisions but simply bad throws. The first one Mitchell was open, Murray led him by too much. The second one I just discussed and the third one Murray has to put that ball over the outside shoulder of Charles.

5) Carlton Thomas continues to look solid in the backup role. With Crowell having some fatigue problems at times getting Thomas more in the first half so that Crowell can get more in the second half might be a good idea.

6)Mississippi State's pre-snap motion had zero affect on the defense, they were in position and ready to go better than any other game this year.

7) Man is Washington going to be missed this week.

8)It is hard to get a good read on how well Branden Smith has been on defense because he is involved in so few plays. On the other hand with the number of passes thrown at Boykin and Commings and the way they are playing it really gives me the thought that quarterbacks are avoiding Smith altogether.

9)Two plays that are there for the offense is the wide receiver reverse off of a Crowell sweep and the option read play by Murray. I know with the number of hits Murray is taking this season coaches may be a bit hesitant to have Murray run called plays but there are a lot of yards there for the taking and I like his chances of staying healthy on a run that constantly getting hit under the chin in the pocket. Speaking of Murray getting hit in the pocket, there are times this year it seems he is trying to step up in the pocket to buy more time where last year he would have bailed out to the outside of the pocket last year. Murray seemed more comfortable the way he did it last year.

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