Monday, October 3, 2011

Keys to a Georgia Win - Mississippi State review

1. Which offensive line overcomes the adversity they have faced? Result -For a half this question was easy to answer. Georgia's offensive line did not play as well the second half. They did have one clock eating drive in the 4th quarter to help eat up clock. Decent performanace but needs to improve in the second half after two second half swoons.

2. Make Relf beat you with his arm. Result - Georgia held State's rushing attack to 56 yards after they had been averaging 216 yards per game. Relf was forced to try to beat Georgia and while he started out pretty good he could not sustain it. Great job by the Georgia defense of taking away what State wanted to do.

3. No more freebies. Result - *sigh* Another week and another touchdown given up by the offense. This is becoming a really bad trend.

4. Make the routine plays. Result - Better but on offense there were still a couple of dropped passes and despite the impressive performance by the defense there were four passes the defense got their hands on that did not end up in interceptions. State's offense was not good enough to make Georgia pay for the missed interceptions but against a better team those could be costly. Another missed field goal by Walsh and a bad snap on field goal resulted in more missed points.

5. Finish drives. Result - I won't go into all the missed chances but this sums it up. Georgia's offense had two drives start inside the State 15 yard line. From those two drives Georgia had 2 fg attempts with one of them having a botched snap. When the defense gives you the ball already in the redzone you have to get touchdowns.

6. Offensive start to match the defense. Result - Offense got off to a good start with 14 first quarter points. Good start, not so great of finish.

Prediction. Final score 34-17 Result - 24-10 and it shouldn't have been that close.

Two weeks in a row Georgia has been on the verge of a dominating performance but mistakes in special teams and turnovers on offense have kept it from being that way. They are again learning to win and hopefully can build off the last two games. The Dawgs must continue to improve week to week if they want to keep winning. They have gotten away with the mistakes the last two weeks but eventually if they are not cleaned up it will cost them the way it did against South Carolina.

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