Friday, November 25, 2011

Georgia Tech by the numbers

 GTNat. RankUGANat. Rank
Passing yards145.5112th244.348th
Passing yards allowed193.423rd182.213th
Rushing yards323.62nd185.434th
Rushing yards allowed166.171st81.72nd
Total offense469.116th427.635th
Total defense359.542nd263.54th
PPG scored36.517th34.323rd
PPG allowed25.356th17.811th
Kickoff returns19106th22.546th
Kickoff returns allowed20.642nd23.795th
Touchback %7%92nd27%20th
Kickoff average62.378th65.519th
First downs/game20.558th22.235th
First downs allowed/game18.835th13.92nd
3rd down %56%2nd45%34th
Opponent 3rd down %44%89th28.30%2nd
Time of possession31:50min21st33:57min7th
Red zone TD %76%6th61%67th
Red zone total %88%21st83%57th
Red zone attempts5022nd4637th
Opp. red zone TD %63%77th62%76th
Opp. Red Zone total %79%46th86%86th
Opp. red zone attempts4378th214th
Sacks allowed1117th2476th
Tackles for loss529th858th
Tackles for loss allowed4712th6362nd
Turnovers gained1952nd279th
Turnovers lost1633rd1849th
Turnover marginplus 335thplus 916th

The first thing that stands out to me is how few tackles for loss Georgia Tech allows. By not having many negative yardage plays they are able to stick with what they are comfortable, running the ball. Not having many third and long is a big reason why their 3rd down % is 2nd best in the nation. Georgia is one of the best in the nation at getting tackles for loss. If Georgia can get several negative or no gain plays on first and second down it will be a huge advantage for Grantham's defense. If they are unable to do this it will lead to a long day for the Georgia defense.

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