Thursday, November 17, 2011

Key players Kentucky edition

Ok so I have been looking really hard to find out which players for Kentucky are their key guys. Which guys like Locke and Cobb that could pose a bit of a threat if we didn't come out ready to play. I wanted to initially stay away from their stats and see what their fans had to say. What the newspapers said etc. I went to their sports blog nation page to see what I could find out. I searched through three pages of posts on the main page at aseaofblue before I got to the last post about football. It was the post game wrap of from their beating at the hands of Vandy. It was written by a guy who did not even attend the game or watch it on TV. I expect Kentucky to be all about basketball this time of year but on their fan blog post page they had more information on the Harvard game this weekend than they did about their own team. With that in mind here are the key players for the game this weekend.

1. Danny Trevathan
2. Wiston Guy Jr.
These two are number one and two in the SEC in tackles. They have two other guys in the top 15 in tackles in the SEC. Now some might look at that as a good thing, I mean isn't it good to lead the conference in something like this? Well in this case it is a very bad thing for them. You don't have four of the top 15 guys in tackles in a conference unless your defense is on the field for a lot of plays. Kentucky's offense hangs them out to dry by not staying on the field. Then when the defense is on the field they do not do a good job of getting off of it. At the end of the game I expect for these guys to have a lot of tackles. That is actually a good thing for Georgia.
3. I don't list anyone else because their leading running back only averages 58 yards a game and their leading receiver about the same. Isaiah Crowell has rushed for more yards than either of their quarterbacks have thrown for. Look I want to treat their team with the respect that the Georgia players have to treat Kentucky with but they just are not very good.

1. Isaiah Crowell - For a back that is third in the SEC in rushing there still seems to be a higher level that Crowell can reach. Outside of a few exchange problems with Murray Crowell looked the best he has all year in the second half against AU. His focus this week will tell us a lot about how far he has come from a maturity stand point this season.

2. Aaron Murray - He is starting to get comfortable with the offensive line and the receivers and that is scary. he has posted back to back quarterback ratings in the 200's. Kentucky has one of the worst run defenses in the country and is going to have to stack the line to try to slow down the Georgia running game. That should allow Murray the chance to continue his recent pace of 14 touchdowns in the last 4 games. He only attempted 2 passes in the second half of the last two games combined so really his 14 touchdowns have come in 3 games worth of playing time. Despite that the thing that I have liked the best is that he completed 78% of his passes the last two weeks. Early in the year I thought he was playing well but at times he could be inaccurate. If he can improve his career completion % from around 61% to over 65% he is going to make the Georgia offense close to impossible to stop.

3. Jarvis Jones - Kentucky is 113th in the country in sacks allowed with 30. That is 3 sacks a game. Jarvis Jones is 3rd in the country in sacks. That is great news for Georgia, not so good for Kentucky's quarterback. Reports have been that Kentucky will be starting their freshman quarterback since Newton is hurt. Depending on what other guys do this weekend Jones needs only 3 sacks to take the national lead. There is a chance he could do that in the first quarter.

4. Alec Ogletree - He has only really played 3 games this season, his only at linebacker for Georgia. He is still learning the position and working his way back into shape and yet he makes plays all over the field. Ogletree will continue to get better with each snap he plays. As good as everyone on defense is playing he has the biggest upside of anyone on the team.

5. The bench - The last few weeks the bench players have gotten to see a good bit of the field and this week is no different. It may be the last time this season that gets to happen with Georgia Tech, the SECCG and a bowl game coming up. The most important guys to get playing time is the young offensive linemen that are going to be counted on next season. Hopefully the starters will be resting up for Georgia Tech by early 3rd quarter.

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