Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keys to the game

1. Fast start - Georgia Tech is a team built to play from the lead. They run the ball all the time and their defense is better at defending the pass than the run. If you let them get a lead they never have to get out of what they want to do offensively. On defense it doesn't hurt them that bad to give up rushing yards as long as they are playing with the lead, it kills them however once they get behind.

2. Win the third down battle on both sides of the ball - Georgia is second in the country at stopping third down conversions. Tech is second in the country at converting them. Getting Tech off the field whenever possible is key to keeping them from getting going. The more snaps they get the more they can vary their offense to keep the defense off balance leading to big plays. On offense it is important for Georgia to convert their third downs to help the defense out by keeping the Tech offense on the sidelines.

3. Touchdowns not field goals - Tech is an offense of scoring a lot of points even against a good defense. If Georgia has to settle for too many field goals when they have the chance to score touchdowns it easily could come back to haunt them. In addition putting up touchdowns and getting Tech behind can force them to throw more than they want to.

Prediction - 31-21 Georgia

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