Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Speed versus Accuracy in Reporting...Aaron Murry

Today it was first reported that "sources" inside the atheletic program at UGA had said that Murray had broken his ankle in two places. Later it came out that broken in two places really meant that he had sprained his ankle. While it is not good that Murray sprained his ankle it could be healed to close to 100% before spring practice really gets into swing as opposed to if he had broken it in two places Murray might have missed all of spring. The point though is not about how long it will take for his injury to hear but to ask the question. In today's world of instant feedback on everything at what point is getting a story first worth the tradeoff of not getting it right? I wonder how many people that read the initial story are still passing it on to friends that Murray broke his ankle in two places because they never read the follow up and correction of the details.

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