Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Richt's defense

I have long been a supporter of Mark Richt and when some fans started calling for him to lose his job I defended him based on his history. After this past season my defense of him lessoned and I do not think he will survive another season anywhere close to this past season. However in the light of what is going around in the NCAA I think that more than ever Richt's clean reputation should be taken into consideration. Under Richt Georgia has several secondary (minor) infractions. The closest thing to a major infraction has been AJ Green's trouble last year and that had nothing to do with the coaching staff. Richt has consistantly provided harsher penalties (game suspensions) for similiar offenses to what takes place at other programs. I am not saying that Richt should be kept around just because he runs a clean program. I am saying that when looking at the questions surrounding Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, Miss State and recent trouble at Southern Cal, that Richt's overall clean record should be a huge positive in his favor. I am not blind to think that nothing is going on at Georgia and that it is not possible that $100 hand shakes do not take place, but I feel comfortable in believing that Richt does not create an athmosphere that encourages it. He is a coach that not only can we be proud of the football team but that makes us proud to have him associated with the university.


  1. Very well written and I agree with you. Richt is a stellar example of the type of coach that makes you proud to be a Bulldog. Hope he turns this around and I believe he can.

  2. He is the type man I would be proud to have my son for, hopefully he will get his record back to among the best in the country as he did when he first came to Georgia.