Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thoughts from work late at night.

My first blog won't be much, just a few thoughts on why I am starting a blog. I read lots of very good blogs about UGA sports at night while I am work and some are so good I check them at home in my "free" time. I leave lots of comments and sometimes have to cut myself short as it is just a comment section and not my blog. So i figured, why not start my own blog. Most of my content will be on my take on UGA football but will include soccer posting as well as just my thoughts on life and society in general. Hopefully one day it will be a regular thing but for now it will be when I feel the need to say something, important or more likely not, and when I have time. As a full time nursing student, with a full time job a wife and 2 kids that just turned 1 and 2 the free time will be what dictates when I post the most. First look at UGA football roster to follow real soon, after that who knows. Thank you in advance to the 2 or 3 readers I hope to have.

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