Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring questions - positions

This spring I think there are three positions that UGA needs to find answers. In order of importance is offensive line, wide receiver and safety. Offensive line has for the last few year underachieved. They have 3 starters back in Jones, Sturdivant and Glenn. (who is switching positions) as well as Gates and Anderson who both have starting experience even if they aren't considered "returning starters". It is possible that Georgia could start 4 seniors and five guys who have started. This would bode well for saying that the line could be a strength of the team, but that is the story we have had for the last two years, lots of experience, lots of returning starters, and yet very little in the way of consistency and dominance. I think it is important that the five starters are identified and that they are able to hold onto their jobs through the summer. If the same five that come out of spring as starters keep their starting jobs through summer and are all still starting mid-way through the season then it would be my prediction that Georgia is having a good to great season and ends up winning at least 9 games(before bowl) if not more. If there are changes from spring to summer and from summer to during the season then things are probably not going as well as I would hope.
Wide receiver is a position where there is a ton of potential but no player that has shown he can get it done week after week. Many have shown flashes but none have proven they can be the man. No one player has to replace all of Green's numbers but as a group they must replace Green and Durham's production in order for Murray to build off his first year. An improved running game could open up chances for the receivers but it will be important that this group help to keep teams honest and not stacking the box.
With the movement of Ogletree to linebacker it leaves one of the safety spots open. The last couple years have been well below the standard at safety that Bulldawg fans became accustomed to with Sean Jones, Greg Blue, and Thomas Davis to name a few. Georgia needs players on the back end to step up in two ways. One the safeties need to help eliminate the big play but not constantly getting out of position. The second thing is they need to start hitting receivers who come across the middle with an impact that makes them think about it the next time they do.

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