Sunday, March 13, 2011

So much for a playoff settling the arguments...

Watching the selection show for the NCAA makes me enjoy college football even more. I would much rather there be lots of argument/debate about the top couple teams than listen to people whine about a team that didn't do enough during the regular season to make a field of 68 teams. I know it may seem that since UGA got in that I am just happy that my Dawgs got in, but had they not I would have been disappointed, but not in the selection committee. I would have been upset that when given the chance in all the games they led in the second half my double digits that they didn't get it done. I would have been upset that in four overtime games, they only pulled out one. Any team that doesn't get into a field of 68 probably doesn't belong to begin with. Instead of expanding to 68 teams, maybe they should have considered dropping to 60 or even less.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I can live with a playoff if it would be guaranteed to never exceed 8 teams. Problem is, they cannot do that. Playoff proponents are like alcoholics....they simply cannot say no and more is better in their mind.

    CBB regular season is already a yawner. I don't want that done to CFB regular season.

  2. Exactly, I am not even sure I would be a fan of anything more than a plus one. If someone can name the last time a team outside the top 4 was truly deserving a national title shot, I would change my stance. College football has what no other sport in America has, and that is a regular season where one loss can crush a season. I cheer for the Falcons like crazy but after a loss it is, oh well we will get them next week. In college football there is no next week if you want to win a title, you better win now. How many seasons did the Colts rest their starters for multiple games at the end of the season because the games only posed risk and no gain?