Sunday, April 24, 2011

Possible Cause for UGA's slide the last few years.

I was reading an article in the Athens paper about Clint Boling possibly being the highest draft pick among UGA offensive linemen since George Foster went 20th overall in 2003. Since then Georgia has had only three offensive linemen drafted total. In seven years, three linemen drafted. I have long believed that the biggest difference between where Georgia has been the last few years and Florida, Alabama and even last year with Auburn and when LSU has been at the top has been on the line. But still this number was somewhat shocking to me.
Georgia has had the skill players to be able to compete with anyone in the country. With players like Stafford, Green, Moreno and many others the talent is there. In order for Georgia to get back to the top of the SEC and back as a perennial top 10 team Richt is going to have to put the same emphasis on recruiting offensive limemen as he did on recruiting the state of Georgia this past year. Then once they are on campus the coaches have to develop them and have them all ready to play. The team cannot continue to allow an injury or two on the line to cost them the season.

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