Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worst fear for AJ

I love AJ as a player; I think he has all the tools and mentality to be an NFL great. However I do believe that one thing that is underrated when talking about success in the NFL is which team drafts you. AJ went to what I believe is the worst possible team in the NFL. The locker room there is a mess, the qb wants out, Chad Johnson (or whatever he calls himself these days) was allowed to stay around forever, they went after Terrell Owens, and their management has been ruining the careers of good players for years. Fortunately for AJ he does not play quarterback where so much of their success depends on getting confidence early in their career, or running back where they only have so many carries in their body. AJ basically is banned to occasionally making the top ten plays here and there for the next 5 years (hopefully shorter if the new collective bargaining agreement shortens rookie contracts but it is actually more likely to extend them). After that five years hopefully AJ will be headed somewhere in search of finding himself the best situation to excel on the field.

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