Friday, April 8, 2011

Rash of injuries.

Injuries are never a good thing overall but sometimes they can be a slight blessing in the spring when it is to an experienced player at a position needing to develop depth. For example Robinson and Rambo missing a little time this spring I don't think will hurt him as he was a full time starter who pretty much knows what they are doing. The time they miss can actually help in some ways by giving snaps to the backups with the 1st team, which can help speed their development and create depth. However any time missed by a player learning a new position or trying to earn playing time is a big set back. Jakar Hamilton, Marc Deas and Ogletree and Mike Gilliard all fall into this category. Gilliard is trying to earn time as a top backup at MLB, Ogletree is trying to learn a new position and Deas and Hamilton are both trying to show they can be the man opposite Rambo in the secondary.
If someone is going to be out for anytime spring is obviously better than summer and fall but for young guys the snaps missed in spring sets them back much further than a veteran. Georgia needs everyone on board if they are going to turn things around this fall so hopefully most of these guys will be back very quickly.

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