Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some good signs in spring

This article in the Athens Banner has a lot of things that I wanted to hear this spring.
When it says that Kwame is the most improved player of the spring that is a beautiful thing. Jenkins is expected to come in and win the starting job and be the missing link at nose tackle. If Kwame has truly improved that much it is great on many fronts. First it would mean if Jenkins does end up starting he will have earned the job, not been handed it for lack of options. Second it will mean that we not only have a starter at the position but an above average backup to where both can stay fresh throughout games and the season, ie no fourth quarter fading. Finally if Jenkins does not turn out to be what all Georgia fans expect (hope?) he can, we may have a viable option at the nose anyway.
Also hearing that Charles has been a go to guy is huge. He might be the most talented guy we have to catch the ball and need to find ways to get him the ball if we are going to be able to replace the production that will be missing with Green gone. Any pressure Charles can take off the receivers will be huge for Murray, who has played with Charles for a very long time.
With what might be one of the most under rated losses of last year of both long time full backs from last year it is great to hear Zander Ogletree get praise from Bobo. Say what you want about Bobo but he is not very quick with his praise of players. To hear him talking about the job done by a position we needed someone to step up is a great thing.

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