Friday, June 10, 2011

Mid summer blues

With baby Bron Bron about to take his Binky and go home it is coming to the worst time of year for sports. There is little going on in the month of July for sports fans other than baseball. While I do enjoy baseball I am not a die hard that can watch every game. I keep up with the standings and occasionally will catch a Braves game if I happen across it but that is about all we have. I am a huge soccer fan so the Gold Cup helps me out every few days when USA plays but it still does not fill the void of having been so long without football. I am not just counting down the days until kickoff (85 days) but first we will get to summer camp. It is the first time we get to start hearing about who did the most work over the summer, which freshmen showed up on campus already in shape, and which guys who came out of spring as first team are going to lock down their spots. This off season has been going by faster than most for me due it being the busiest year I have ever had but summer practice can't get here soon enough.

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