Sunday, June 26, 2011

More soccer on a Dawg blog

Of my few readers most probably come because I write about the Dawgs, afterall that is why I created the blog. I am, however, also a huge soccer fan so I will continue to write about soccer as long as there is something worthy going on and more importantly as long as there is no actual football to help me pass the time until there is a gluttony of football happenings starting with summer camp.

The women's World Cup starts today with two matches (France-Nigeria at 9am and Canada-Germany at noon) on some combination of the ESPN channels. Usually the host, Germany this year, have a lamb for the slaughter in their opener but this year they play a Canadian team that is ranked in the top ten in the world, so it could provide some drama.

The US team despite its number 1 world ranking is not the favorite it usually is anytime it lines up. Germany, winners of the last two World Cups and the hosts, along with Brazil are the favorites but do not count out the US as they just won the last major competition (Olympics). For anyone who is not a fan of a)soccer or b)women's sports I suggest you give a few games a try anyways. The women's games tend to be more open (offensive minded) than many of the men's games.

It is also fun (to me at least) to cheer for the United States in any sport, if there was . Toss in the fact that the we play the North Koreans in the first game (Tuesday at 1215 on ESPN) and you have even more reason to cheer. So if you can't get off for a long lunch break to escape for a couple beers to your local bar then set your DVR and come home to some good ol' fashioned American homerism patriotism!

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