Saturday, June 11, 2011

Production replacement - QB

This is the easiest position to replace as the only two players who attempted a pass last year are back. Murray will be the starter and get every snap that matters at qb (not counting any wildcat type plays we may run). Murray took the first snap of his career last season and came close to breaking every single season record at Georgia, not for freshmen but for any class. Although he was not great in every game he only had two games that anyone could consider bad, UF (who he still had maybe his best half a game of the season against) and UCF. With a year of starting under his belt he should improve from last year to this year. He could be even better this year as the coaches will most likely lift the restrictions they had on him early for being a freshman. He also will most likely be given a bit more free reign as Bobo won't have to protect him as much as it will have more depth at the position than a year ago. Look for Murray to have a huge year and be the unquestioned leader of not just the offense but the entire team.

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