Friday, October 7, 2011

Tennessee by the numbers

Here are a few stats from about Tennessee. Georgia stats follow to the right and are in bold. All rankings are for place in SEC and denoted by ( )
defense first -
-Passer rating against 121.83 (8th) - 99 (5th)
-1 interception (last) - 8 (2nd)
-198 passing yards per game allowed (8th) - 151 (2nd)
-tackles for loss by 24, 6 per game. (9th) - 37, 7.4 (2nd)
-sacks per game 1.5 (9th) - 2.2 (3rd)
-rushing yards allowed per game 139 (6th)- 107 (5th
-4.51 yards per attempt allowed (8th) - 3.24 (5th)
-points allowed per game 20.5 (5th) - 20.6 (6th)
-total yards per game allowed 338.3 (7th) - 258.3 (2nd)
-yards per play allowed 5.5(9th) - 4.1 (4th)
One stat I like to adjust is rushing yards per attempt. Yards lost from sacks are counted as rushing stats. This gives a truer picture of how effective a team is at running the ball and defending the run. Tennessee's defense has 6 sacks for a loss of 42 yards. When those 6 "carries" are taken out their rushing yards per carry allowed jumps to 5.09.
When the same is done for Georgia's 11 sacks for 89 yards their average yards per carry against is 3.68.

offensive -
-yards per carry 3.04 (12th) adjusted by taking out sacks 3.59 - 3.99 (7th) adjusted 4.625
-times sacked 7 (3rd) - 13 (10th)
-QB rating 176.05 (1st) - 152.33 (3rd)
-yards passing per game 336.5 (1st) - 237.6 (3rd)
-interceptions thrown 2 (2nd) - 6 (9th)
-total offense - 447.5 (2nd) - 413.8 (4th)
-points scored per game 37.8 (4th) - 34.6 (5th)

Here are a few of the things that stand out to me -
-Georgia runs the ball better, UT passes it better but Georgia is more balanced (yes I know you Bobo lovers).
-Georgia is better in every defensive stat but one, points allowed. That is the most important but it does not tell the tale. Georgia has given up way too many points on offense and special teams. The defense is playing lights out.
-Murray has thrown more interceptions than Bray (6-2). Georgia has gotten interceptions than Tennessee (8-1. Classic case of strength on strenght and weakness on weakness.

Crazy stat of the week. UGA is tied exactly in total offense (413.8 ypg) and total defense (258.6ypg) with Florida. Does that point to a 10 point win for UGA?


  1. Good stuff, Dawgfan. You are quietly becoming one of the must reads of the "Dawgosphere." Keep up the great work!

    My brother and I are heading up to Knoxville tomorrow. Not to jinx anything, but he's made three trips up there, and I've made two, and we've never experienced a UGA victory in "hicksville" between us. It's on both of our bucket lists...we're planning on achieving it tomorrow night. God willing, it will happen.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  2. Thanks! As for being a jinx I have a feeling you end the bad streak later today. I have only been to one game up there but it was awesome. In 2003 when we crushed them bad I was standing on the highest level with my back against the wall. Normally it sucks to be that high up but when all the Vol fans were emptying out of the stadium I had a perfect view to see them streaming out by just turning around.

  3. Marshall it seems your streak in Knoxville is over!