Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USA Soccer - Must win.

Tonight the US men's national team plays Guadeloupe in what is a must win situation if it wants to advance in the Gold Cup. While things seem desperate for the US it does bring to mind the last time they were in a similar situation, the Confederations Cup two years ago. The US had lost its first two games and had to not just win the third game but win it big and get some help. That is exactly what happened and the team advanced to the next round. The team didn't stop there, they faced off with Spain who was on a very long winning streak and the US pulled off the upset beating Spain 2-0. Then in the final the US was up 2-0 on powerhouse Brazil before eventually fading and loosing a tough game 2-3. There is no team close to the talent of Spain or Brazil and the USA's situation is simpler tonight than then, win and you live to play another day. The question is will this team show the heart they displayed back then or will they fade into the shadows like Lebron in the 4th quarter.
GO USA!!! Game is on Fox Soccer channel with the broadcast starting at 8:30. Should be several bourbon's in by then in my prep work for the other football season coming up!

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