Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy really this is nuts.

Let me start out by saying this is not going to happen. It would take way too much aligning of the stars and good teams completely wetting themselves in games they know they have to have. Simply put these are the late night ramblings of a very tired person who has nothing better to do while passing away the hours at work. These are facts but I in no real way think things will play out this way. Then again I never thought Iowa State would beat Oklahoma State tonight. All but one of the things I am about to list must happen. It does not matter which of them does not happen as long as the rest do. If total chaos broke out and all these things happened Georgia would most likely be the second team ever to play in the BCSCG with two losses. Again I don’t expect this to happen but I also don’t expect to win the lottery and yet have spent more time than I should thinking of how I would spend the money despite only playing it a few times a year.
1.       SEC games – Try to follow me here as there are several ways this can play out to work out for Georgia.
·         AL loses to AU. If that happens and Arkansas loses to Mississippi State then beats LSU Georgia would play a 1 loss LSU in the SECCG and the other two teams would have 2 losses already.
·         AL loses to AU. Arkansas wins out, LSU loses out. Georgia plays 1 loss Arkansas and LSU and AL each have two losses.
·         AL beats AU. Arkansas would have to lose to Mississippi State and beat LSU. LSU would have to lose to Ole Miss and Arkansas.
2.       Oregon loses to USC, Oregon State or in the conference CG.
3.       Stanford loses to Cal or Notre Dame. Also possible they could lose in the CCG IF Oregon loses its last two games and Stanford beats Cal.
4.       Clemson loses to NC State, USCe, or in the CCG
5.       Virginia Tech loses to UVA or in the CCG.
6.       OU loses to Iowa State then beats OSU.
7.       Boise State loses to San Diego State, Wyoming or New Mexico – Normally I would say a SEC school with two losses would pass Boise State with 1 loss but since Georgia lost to Boise better to play it safe and hope for a second Boise State loss.
Kansas State, Houston and South Carolina are all ahead of Georgia in the BCS rankings right now. I believe if UGA won out they would pass all of those teams no matter what those teams did. The things Georgia has going in its favor are that Arkansas and LSU play each other so one has to lose. Georgia will get a shot at one of the SEC teams they are behind. That is at least two losses of teams ahead of Georgia. Either OU or OSU has to lose another game. Either VA Tech or Clemson will lose another game when they play each other. Basically Georgia needs 10 losses to happen in order to get to the BCSNCG. If Georgia wins out 4 of those ten losses are assured from head to head matchups. That leaves basically 6 games that have to go Georgia’s way. It would be crazy but if you look at what happened the last few weeks of the 2007 season it is possible. That was a crazy finish to a season and left Georgia a few missed field goals by teams playing Tennessee away from playing for a title. LSU won a title that year in New Orleans. This year it appears LSU will be playing for it again in New Orleans…or will they?
In the end Georgia needs to win out and they will be assured of finishing in the top ten and probably in the top five as they pass any team that ends up with a two losses. A year removed from a losing season that wouldn’t be too bad. It would be even better when you look at the fact that Georgia only loses 6 senior starters, not counting kickers.

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