Friday, July 1, 2011

Who would replace Jones?

If Jarvis Jones is ruled ineligible because of the flights paid for by his AAU basketball team who would take his place? The official depth chart posted after spring has Chase Vasser listed as number two at his position. Vasser was highly recruited out of high school and has been around the program for a few years now so he might not be a bad option. Ray Drew could start as one of the biggest recruits out of high school this year. He could either play Jones position or if the coaches choose to they can move Washington back over to the side he played last year and have Drew slide into Washington's position. The final option I see is to move one of the inside linebackers outside. With Christian Robinson, Alec Ogletree, Richard Samuel and Michael Gilliard all manning the middle it would not surprise me to see one of them slide outside until Jones returned. Less likely but still possible would be if T.J. Stripling is healthy enough he could play the position but I am not sure of his health. In the end the loss of Jones would defiantly hurt but there are options to replace him. I don't see this as having the impact that losing Green for four games last year had but if he is suspended 1 or 2 games it will hurt because of how big the first two games of the season are.

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