Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good to hear about Isaiah Crowell

“Isaiah practiced a little bit, and did some good things in blitz pickup,” Bobo said

As reported by Seth Emerson, who by the way does a great job of covering the Dawgs, Crowell got a rare compliment for a freshman running back about his blocking. Under Richt the biggest thing that has held back freshmen running backs from getting a lot of playing time is their ability to pick up the blitz on passing downs. Coaches can't substitute based on passing versus rushing downs as it would telegraph the intent to the defense. I am not worried at all that Crowell being at least as good as King would have been running the ball, that will be the easy part. I am worried that he will completely misread a blitz pickup that will get Murray crushed, causing a fumble, and cost the team a game that way. That is not a knock against him personally; it is just a major concern when you have a young player back there.
The other part that gives me hope is it was Bobo doing the complimenting. I know there have been a lot of issues people bring up about Bobo but one complaint people shouldn’t make about him is that he sugar coats things. Last year before the season he was subtly hinting that the line wasn't as good as everyone else thought. If you compare statements by Richt and Bobo about the same player during the same practice you will see that Bobo is almost always a harsher critic than Richt. That gives me hope that it is not just a coach building up a player in the press but that Crowell is truly coming along well, for a freshman at least, with his blocking assignments.

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