Friday, August 26, 2011

One week...

By this time next week the first football games of the season will have taken place. There will be more appetizers come Friday night and by Saturday the season will be in full drive. My wife will be annoyed by the fact that in about 16 hours, from the 11am kick off of some 1aa schools to the 3am finish of some game in Hawaii, I will fit in about 35 hours of games. That is not a feat for the feint of heart. It requires loads of food that clog the arteries. Gallons of cheap bourbon, why waste the good stuff when by 2 or 3 in the afternoon you can't taste anything anyway. Channel changing with precise precision so as not to miss a down of the featured game. The ability to tune out screaming kids and a wife asking for help with said kids. A laptop to check stats of games that you know the stats from memory already but want to confirm your greatness at knowing worthless things like Georgia Southern's YAC in their game against Samford(and son). Laptop is also useful for watching games that are online that are not available on TV. Texting your friend who you know just saw the same play as you to discuss how awesome the play was and describing it in detail for now reason. Despite having all this stimulation to keep you busy and distracted still feeling as though every game is dragging on for days while anticipating the ONLY game that matters, Georgia/Boise. Add in LOTS more cheap bourbon during the game and you have a perfect Saturday. Bonus moments, getting your 1 year old that can't fully talk yet to bark at the TV. Having your 2 year old daughter randomly look at ANY sporting event on TV and yelling out GO GO. Her chanting Bulldawgs in response to every Georgia I say to her. Watching the two of them dance to the recordings of the Redcoats I have. I know those that read my blog probably thing I tend to ramble a lot, my wife would say I do it when speaking as well, and this is probably more rambling than any of my other posts but that is what happens when the fever hits you. For little kids it is Christmas eve and the night before their birthdays, for women it is Thanksgiving night when thinking about Black Friday, and for men it is the start of the football season. Stock the fridge, check the extra TV's to make sure you have extra coverage in all rooms of the house and even a spare or two in the main viewing room, break out the gameday shirt/jersey/pants/hat, fire up the grill, get the radio ready for the Georiga broadcast for football is upon us.

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