Saturday, September 24, 2011

Instant reaction - Ole Miss

First of all, good win for the Dawgs. They had to have this game and they won semi-comfortably. Though the game was never a blow it there was also little chance at any point of Ole Miss winning the game. The offensive line did a good job for the most part but still gave up too many sacks. Will have to watch to know how many of those sacks Murray contributed too. The defense played really well except for one play and on that play it appeared that Ole Miss had an uncalled false start. You still have to play to the whistle and the defense got burned on that one. The only truly troubling thing is what is starting to be a bad trend, special teams. Walsh missed 3 more field goals and we gave up another punt return for a touchdown. As for the running game Crowell was very good as was Thomas. Samuel is in danger of slipping to the clear cut number three. It appears to me he is a solid runner IF it is a downhill type run i.e. he starts running right at the snap and has basically one option for the hole. If it is any type of delay or he has to change direction he simply does not have the quickness to do anything.


  1. Few things I noticed. It looked like Crowell was hurting pretty bad after the 1st quarter. His running was not near as sharp after the 1st. Thomas ran well but didn't get the ball much, only 5 carries. Samuel has no balance at all, but his catches were good. Murray seems to still be hesitant and he just doesn't seem to play with as much confidence as last year. Special teams needs work. At times it seems they don't put the best out there for coverage. Overall to me they seemed a little flat today, not a lot of intensity. Hopefully Crowell will be feeling better next week and we can get a fire under us again. Looks like Miss St barely got by tonight.

  2. All good points, I do wonder if Crowell's ribs are bothering him more than they are letting on. That said for a guy who is said to not be conditioned to carry the load the fact he had 30 carries bodes well. He is also having to adjust from high school games where he seldom played the whole game due to the huge leads. It is funny to say with two smaller backs on the team and Samuel being the big guy but I really think his best role on the team now is going to be as a third and long back to give you the blocking/receiving threat out of the backfield. Thomas through two games he has been seems way better than he did last year. As for return teams I wonder how much the starters at linebacker being out have hurt. With the backups playing as starters I wonder if those backups had previously been on coverage teams before and now are being rested since they are playing more snaps. I thought the team actually came out pretty fired up but after jumping to a 17-0 lead kinda cruised from there. Thanks for stopping by.