Monday, September 26, 2011

Murray by the numbers

Can Murray improve over the way he has been playing, yes. He needs to work on getting the ball out of his hands a bit quicker, doing a better job of moving around in the pocket to buy himself time and hitting receivers in stride instead of them having to slow down a step to get the ball. With that said here are his numbers so far, 11 passing TD's 2 rushing. That is 3.25 TD's per game he is responsible for, a pace that would lead to him scoring 39 touchdowns for the season. Right now the UGA record for TD's in a season is 28. That is not bad at all for a QB who's leading receiver is a freshman, his best running back is a receiver and he is playing behind a suspect offensive line. The scary part is that Murray truly does have room for improvement and if he takes his game to the next level he could blow away the best numbers ever put up by a UGA qb and possibly challenge some of the best numbers ever seen in the SEC.

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