Sunday, September 4, 2011

Instant reaction

I will go more in depth after I have had time to cool off a bit but here are my first two thoughts.
1. For as poorly as we played and as well as they played that game should not have even been as close as it was.
2. I really hope that they are one of the "elite" teams. If that is true of Boise then maybe we aren't as bad as that game made me feel we are and we could have a decent season.


  1. I do not seem to understand all the head hanging and anger over losing to BSU. The last two teams that lost to BSU in the opening game won thier divisions and played in a BCS game. That statistic bodes well for GA.

  2. I will always be upset after a loss. The part that had me the most upset is that I really believe if we have a little better blocking on offense is that we might have won that game. I could see us losing again this weekend and then running off 9/10 games to finish the season. However we have lots of improving to do and we are dangerously thin at a couple of positions. (OL, ILB)