Monday, October 31, 2011

Few last notes on the Florida game

With all the love rightfully going around for Samuel one thing that has been overlooked is the play of Crowell. He had another solid game with 18 carries for 18 yards. His biggest play of the game however was a play he never touched the ball. On Murray's first touchdown pass Crowell lined up on the right side of the formation. He took a look to the right and then left and saw that Glenn had been beat to the outside. Crowell calmly stepped across in front of Murray then laid into the Florida pass rusher making sure the guy never touched Murray. Without that blitz pickup by the freshman we turn the ball over on downs and who knows what happens from there.

Despite winning 6 in a row and having finally knocked off Florida I am still reading grumblings here and there about the schedule it has been done against and the ugly manner in which some of the games have been won. While both of those are things to consider can't people just take a few days to celebrate something that hasn't happened near enough lately. 6 in a row is pretty nice. Sitting tied for the SEC east lead is pretty nice. Beating UF anytime is great. Enjoy it people, at least for a few days.

I also think there is something to be thought about from looking at UF this year. Muschamp may turn things around at UF as this is only his first year but then again they may be headed for a period not seen around Florida since the 80's. There is a small number of people who still want Richt gone. I think at this point, barring losses to GT and AU it is very premature. Richt has got the team light years ahead of last year and with all the players we should have back for next year the future looks even better. The east will again be wide open next year with UF having a long ways to go, USC will most likely not have Jeffery back and Lattimore will be recovering from a major knee injury. UT's roster is still a mess and I don't see Dooley digging them out of it by next year. Replacing Richt when he will have his best team coming back since 2007/2008 (combined 21-5) I think would be a huge mistake as it would take time for the new coaches to get their system in place in time for a run at an SEC title run next year. Richt still is a recruiting machine, most everyone on the two deep is back next year and with the way the defense is playing right now Georgia could be a dark horse pick to win it all next year. Unless something drastic happens between now and the final game of the year I see no reason to even consider changing coaches.

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