Monday, October 31, 2011

Film Review - Florida

Normally I wait a day or two to rewatch the game but with my excitement over the game and my schedule for the week I watched the game again on Sunday. Here are a few of my observations:

Richard Samuel 17 carries for 58 yards, 3.4 yards per carry. It seemed like so much more during the game. Really he didn't do much except on two drives. Oh what great drives they were though. On the touchdown drive that Georgia took the lead he ran like a 240lb running back should. He lowered his shoulder and ran through defenders. If he can do that the rest of the year he will be a great compliment to Crowell, who quietly had another good game despite not playing a large part of the second half with a shin contusion.

For a game that Georgia had six sacks two things stood out. First where was Washington? I didn't notice him at all watching the game live and before I started watching it the second time I thought to myself, did he play? Well the answer is he did but he was very quiet with just a couple of qb pressures but not a lot else. If he can return to the form he showed before his suspension and Jones keeps playing the way he is, watch out. The second is the fact that we didn't do anything really complicated to get pressure on them. Most of the sacks came from a four man rush where Jones just simply abused their tackles.

Florida had 152 yards on the first two drives, after that just 74 the entire rest of the game. On their two biggest offensive plays Grantham had the right defense called. On the long gain by Demps Herrera hit him right after he caught the ball and the play should have gone for a loss. On the 4th and 19 for the 31 yard touchdown Rambo had the over the top coverage in the deep middle of the field. Ogletree was trailing Reed on the play. Rambo stopped his back pedal and started forward for a step or two to cover wide open ground instead of staying over the top. When he did he not only took himself out of position but ran into Ogletree which stopped him from being able to stay in position. At first I was like what the heck are you thinking? Then after rewatching the play many times the only thing he could have been thinking was that he saw Brantley make it past our rush with no one between him and the first down. That almost makes it worse because A)Brantley was never going to take off running on that play and B) even if he did I don't think he would have had a prayer at making the first down. Maybe if it had been 4th and 5 or even 4th and 10 but no way Brantley was going to get 19 yards even with all the green he had in front of him.

Jarvis Jones "only" had 5 tackles. He made them all count, 4 sacks and a forced fumble. He was the best player on the field. He is now in the top ten in the nation in tackles for loss and sacks. He is making a great case for all american and SEC defensive player of the year. Enjoy him the rest of this year and next because unless he feels some crazy amount of loyalty to Richt for taking a chance on him after his injury at Southern Cal I can't picture him sticking around for a redshirt senior year.

Our special teams were so bad that at one point during the game I felt like we should A)do what Richt did and just start going for it on 4th downs and B) we should just onside kick the ball EVERYTIME because even if we didn't get the ball back it would have given Florida worse field position than kicking to them. That we overcame the awful field position that our special teams kept putting the defense in is even more of a credit to how great they played. We need to fix the problem and fast. It could cost us the game against AU or GT though it is possible we could over come the special teams play against those two teams because we are better than either one of them. However if we do win out and South Carolina loses a game to send us to the SECCG we have no prayer of overcoming that type of performance by the special teams against Alabama or LSU.

I can't stand 99% of announcers so when watching the game the first time I just kind of ignored a few of the comments made by the broadcast crew. Upon rewatching the game that may have been the worst announced game EVER. Murray was called Cox by Verne only to be outdone seconds later by his partner who called him by another name. You have a whole week to prepare for the one game you will be calling on a weekend and you can't get the starting quarterbacks name right? There were so many other issues I had with just the basics that I barely noticed all the excuses they were making for every bad play Florida had. Did you know Brantley was hurt? Did you know Sturgis was hurt? Did you know Demps, Rainey, Florida's water boy, and their 7th string tailback were all hurt? The one that really just made me go huh as far as that is a pass hit one of the Florida receivers in the hands and was dropped and they made a comment about how that would have been a completion if Brantley hadn't been hurt. WHAT??? How in the world does Brantley's ankle have anything to do with a receiver dropping a pass?

I actually thought Bobo called a good game that should have netted us more points that what we got. The drive that got Georgia its first fg was great. The drive that led to the second fg attempt, the first miss by Walsh was even better. Same with Walsh's second fg miss. Bobo called plays that gave the offense a chance on every play and had Murray thrown the ball a bit better each could have ended up in 7 instead of fg tries. Even with Walsh missing 2 out of 3 fg's the fact that Georgia held onto the ball for 15 minutes combined on those three drives they helped keep the defense fresh. Then there was the drive for the touchdown that took the lead. He realized what the line and Samuel were doing and he stuck with it. The play he went away from it was a great call that had Figgins wide open for a touchdown (pass dropped) then he went right back to slamming it up the middle with Samuel. When Georgia got the ball back with 5:32 seconds Bobo called a great series to drain the clock and get the ball down to the UF 1 yard line. If it had needed it I have no doubt Georgia would have scored there. His call on the pass play to Conley was excellent and showed the proper aggression at the right time. Bobo called a great game and never panicked when Georgia fell behind. Despite falling down 14 points early he stuck to the running game to the tune of 49 carries for 185 yards. Add in the two play calls where his design had Charles and King both wide open down the left sideline and despite only scoring 24 points I thought Bobo called a heck of a game.

Conley stepped up big with 3 catches for 38 yards, one on the crucial clock killing drive. One play that will not show up in the stats for him was the pass interference he drew to keep drive alive on the game winning drive. It was a third down play and we had to have a play there. The fact that Bobo/Murray trusted Conley in two of the biggest spots of the game in the fourth quarter show they trust they have in him. Now that Brown is almost 100% when Wooten and Mitchell get healthy this will be the deepest receiving corp Georgia has had in years. Green and whoever else he played with might have been better at the top end but I have a hard time thinking back to a deeper group.

Gotta give credit to McGowan too. He only had one catch but to see a walk-on freshman step up and make a play against UF's best corner was awesome. As guys get healthy and next year several players get chances after redshirting this year he may not have many more chances in big games to make plays but he given the chance he made one against one of Georgia's biggest rivals.

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