Sunday, October 30, 2011

Streak officially over?

I know it is only one win but with all of the attention brought to the fact that Georgia had only won 3 of the last 21 against Florida and people now talking about 4 of the last 22 here is a little bit deeper look. Georgia was 1-13 in the first 14 games of this down period against Florida. With the win yesterday Georgia is now 3-5 in the last eight. That is not a great record but it much better than 3-18 and is worlds apart from 1-13. With a win next year Georgia will only be slightly under .500 over a 9 year period, will be 3-3 over a six year period, and will be on the first winning "streak" since the 1980's against Florida. The last part of that may be getting ahead of myself but something just feels different after this year. I honestly think that Georgia goes into next years game with the mental edge instead of fighting the demons of years past.

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