Monday, October 31, 2011

Keys to a Georgia Win - Florida Edition Review

1. Win the turnover battle Result - This did not start out well with Murray throwing an unlucky pick after bouncing the ball off Crowell's helmet. That all changed, along with the game, when Georgia got a turnover right before half that set up their first touchdown. Georgia got a second turnover that set up another score and finished the game at plus one. The fact that Georgia was 14-0 on points off of turnovers decided the game. Great change from years past.

2. Controlled aggression - Result - 6 sacks, two forced fumbles, no personal fouls that I can think of. AWESOME.

3. Play to win - Result - Two touchdowns no fourth down plays. Passing the ball on third down to help run the clock out. Heck even the 4th and 19 blitz we called that gave a touchdown was a sign of playing to win. Had Rambo not completely blown his assignment, the deep middle of the field, that would have worked out too. Georgia was clearly the more aggressive team in play calling, play and coaching.

Prediction - 38-17 Georgia. Result - 24-20. Had the winner right which is all that matters but

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