Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking Responsibility???

According to this AP report Charlie Davies is sueing the night club that served drinks to the woman who was driving the car the night he was severely injured. For anyone that doesn't know Davies got injured and missed out on a chance to start for the USA men's national team in the last World Cup. I do understand that anywhere that serves alcohol has a responsibility to cut anyone off that is obviously drunk. That is a different story as far as I am concerned. What I have a problem with is where is Davies responsibility in the whole thing? Did he choose to drink that night? Did he choose to have enough to drink that he couldn't tell that the woman he was getting in the car with was too drunk to drive? Why is he not sueing the woman who actually was driving? Oh yeah because she probably isn't worth the amount of money that the club/red bull are. Again I am not saying that the club may have been negligent in serving her as much as they did but at the same time I do not expect a bar or anyone else to be the one to tell me I should stop drinking, that I shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car, or that I shouldn't get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Maybe I would feel a bit different if he had been in another car and not chosen to get in the car with her.

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