Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brandon Harton

If anyone had told you that before the season Brandon Harton would be the number two leading rusher for Georgia would you have given Georgia a chance at winning the SEC East? If Carlton Thomas's most recent suspension turns into a long one and Harton rushes for 81 more yards the rest of the season that is exactly what will have happened. Bobo takes a lot of criticism for his play calling but I think overall he has done a great job this season. A freshman running back that can't stay healthy and has problems with endurance is his leading rusher. His second leading rusher has been suspened three times. His third leading rusher is a walk-on that is barely big enough to ride the rides at Six Flags. His fourth leading rusher, the guy who started the season as the starter, is out because of injury and was a linebacker a year ago. Mix that in with an offensive that is fairly average and an inexperienced group coming into the season. Despite all of that Georgia's offense is 4th in the conferecne in scoring and 3rd in total offense. I would say that despite the up and down nature of the offense that Bobo has done a pretty solid job this season.


  1. Georgia has been out coached in many games such as Boise State, BoBo has done a decent job this year but his play calling has also cost a the two loses we have this year and almost another loss agaisnt kentucky when your running game isnt working great why would you run the ball 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th down you have gotta mix it up yes we won that game and were a one demionsional offense for most of that game Harton played hard and showed alot of heart but was man handled at times Bobo in my opinion needs to work on alot of stuff especially being predictive there is so many times watching the game where I can call the play thats coming next despite the fact that we havent had alot of depth in alot of games and managed to pull them out thats not what this is about this is about calling the right plays at the right time and when you run the ball three plays in a row and only gain two yards you dont run the ball again on fourth down and you dont run the smallest running back up in the league up the middle every play he touches the ball.

  2. I can see, though I disagree, the play calling costing us the Boise State game. I am not sure how the play calling cost us the South Carolina game though. We put up 42 points on one of the better defenses in the country. The interception by Murray was on Murray and the two fumbles that led to touchdowns were not bad play calling just players making mistakes. That smallest running back in the league got over a hundred yards on 23 carries which is pretty good. I do agree that at times the play calling seems a bit odd but in the end we are on a 9 game win streak and the offense is near the top of the league in most categories. He has done so with two running backs kicked off the team before the season. Another running back that played linebacker last year. A freshman who is oft injured/out of shape. Another running back who has been suspended for three games and walk-ons. Name me a single other team that could handle being down to their 6th string tailback and still be in the top four in their conference, let alone the SEC, in rushing.