Monday, November 21, 2011

Larry Munson DGD

By now I am sure that anyone reading this already knows that Larry Munson passed away yesterday. I am not a writer with the skill to be able to put into words just how much he meant to the University of Georgia. All I can really say is though he did not grow up a Georgia fan, never attended the University, never played for the Dawgs and was not ever a coach for Georgia he was more endeared to the hearts and minds of the Georgia faithful than anyone who ever did. Munson was loved for his ability to turn moments on the football field into something bigger than life. His calls will always be remembered. From hunkering down to hobnail boots his calls are remembered sometimes better than the plays. He was and is the definition of a Damn Good Dawg. For as amazing as his calls were though I think the thing that Georgia fans loved about him the most is that he was one of us. It never seemed like he was calling the games as an announcer, he was a fellow fan cheering on his Dawgs. His calls were more than of a friend on the phone with other friends telling them what was happening. There will never be another Larry Munson.

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