Monday, November 7, 2011

Georgia/Auburn by the numbers

All ranks are in the SEC.
Scoring offense ppg - UGA 34.8 (4th) - AU 26.1 (7th)

Scoring defense ppg – UGA 19.9 (5th) - AU 27.7 (11th)

Rushing offense ypg – UGA 175.56 (6th) - AU 191.11 (2nd)

Rushing defense ypg – UGA 91.22 (3rd) – AU 185.67 (10th)

Passing offense ypg – UGA 253.2 (2nd) – AU 163.1 (11th)

Passing defense ypg – UGA 190.9 (7th) – AU 215 (11th)

Total offense ypg – UGA 428.8 (3rd) – AU 354.2 (7th)

Total defense ypg – UGA 282.2 (3rd) – AU 400.7 (11th)

First downs per game – UGA 22 (2nd) – AU 18.2 (8th)

Opponent first downs – UGA 14.9 (3rd) – AU 22 (12th)

Turnover margin – UGA +8 total/+.89 per game (2nd) – AU +2 total +/+.22 per game (5th)

Sacks – UGA 20 total/2.22 per game (2nd) – AU 17 total/1.78 per game (5th)

Sacks allowed – 18 total/2 per game (5th) – AU 20 total/2.33 per game (8th)

Tackles for loss – 65 total/7.22 per game (3rd) – AU 57 total/6.33 per game (6th)

Tackles for loss allowed – 52 total/5.78 per game (5th) – AU 70 total/7.78 per game (10th)

3rd down conversion % - UGA 41.61% (6th) – AU 37.10% (8th)

3rd down conversion % allowed – UGA 28% (2nd) – AU 46.56 (12th)

Plays from scrimmage of 10+ yards – UGA 144 total (2nd) – AU – 118 total (7th)

Plays from scrimmage allowed of 10+ yards – UGA 110 (5th) – AU 140 (12th)

Kickoff returns of 30+ yards – UGA 8 (3rd) – AU 9 (1st)

Kickoff returns of 30+ yards allowed – UGA 7 (tied for 8th though 8th is also next to last since 4 teams are tied there in the SEC) – AU 3 (2nd)

Red zone scoring %/TD %/total trips to the red zone –
UGA - 79.17% total/58.97% td’s/39 trips – (9th/8th/4th)
AU 88% total/60% td’s/25 trips (3rd/6th/10th)

Red zone defense scoring %/TD%/ Total trips to the red zone –
UGA 83.33% total/61.11% td’s/18 trips (9th/9th/3rd) –

AU 85.29% total/64.71% td’s/34 trips (11th,12th,11th)
As far as individuals go Dyer is 31% of their offense with 989 yards rushing. McCalebb is 14% with 448 yards rushing. Blake is 13.6% with 404 yards receiving. The three combine to be roughly 58% of AU’s offense. Georgia’s top player is Crowell with 19% of the offense and the top three add up to 40%. Not sure if this is advantage AU because they have a more “go to” player or advantage Georgia because there is no way to key on one or two guys.

As you can see Georgia leads Auburn in most every category. Auburn is slightly better on offense in the red zone but gets there far less often. Their defense is horrible in the red zone and allows teams to get there quite often. Auburn is slightly better at running the ball but is much worse at passing it. In fact they only have passed for more than 200 yards in one game the entire season, the opener against Utah State. Biggest thing that scares me is that AU has one of the better return games in the SEC while Georgia is prone to give up the big play on kickoff returns. Biggest difference in Georgia’s favor is rushing defense. Georgia gives up almost exactly half as many rushing yards as AU. The second biggest difference is third down defense where Georgia is 18.56% better. Some people have questioned why Vegas started Georgia as a 12.5 point favorite. The numbers here suggest why wouldn’t they?

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