Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not so instant analysis and keys to the game review - NMSU

I don't care what team it was against the second quarter yesterday was a thing of brillance. To score 42 points in a quarter the offense special teams and defense all have to be playing at a high level. Georgia needed to get the backups, especially on the offensive line, lots of playing time and they accomplished that. I am not certain but I do not believe any of the starters on the offensive line played a single down in the second half. Murray didn't take any hits for a chance and with walkons getting most of the carries Georiga rushed for 258 yards. We also did not have to use Smith or Boykin much on offense and so the whole team should be fresh for the game against Auburn. Here is my review of keys to the game.

Keys to the Game - New Mexico State
1. Success with passing on first downs - Result - A few first down plays were missing in the play by play on ESPN but from what I counted we were 10/10 passing on first downs and 3 TD's with several other long passes. This helped open up the running game to the tune of 258 yards rushing. Great job.

2. Kickoff Coverage - Result - Georgia held NMSU to 21 yards per return. Not great but almost 5 yards per return below their average and they never broke a big one. Job well done.

3. Come out focused - Result -The team started a little bit slow but put up 42 points in the second quarter to end the game early. That does not happen if they are not focused.

4. Score Touchdowns not field goals - Result - Nine touchdowns to nine different players. Zero FG attempts and only 3 punts. Awesome.

Prediction - 45-10 Result - 63-13
bonus prediction - One of Georgia's running backs will go over 100 yards. Result - Harton ended up with 98 yards so I just missed on this one. With Samuel out for the season and Crowell having shown fatigue in the second half of games he should get more chances as the season goes on. Nothing near his carries for this game but a few here and there. I also expect that with Samuel done for the season that Malcome may get a few chances in short yardage situations seeing as he is the only big back we have left.

Overall Georgia did what they needed. They got the win, got the starters a lot of rest, the backups a lot of snaps, and no one that I know of what injured. That is exactly what a coach wants when a game like this is on the schedule. Great job by Richt and the staff of keeping the team on task in a game that it would have been easy for the team to lose focus.

Edit - One thing I noticed during the game was the fact of how vanilla we played on defense. We basically came with a 4 man rush 7 man drop in a basic coverage the whole game. I am sure Grantham worked on a few things for AU this week in practice and was not going to break out anything he didn't have to this week.

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