Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LSU's greater S.O.S. or is it continued

Having shown that average statistically there is very little difference in who the teams have played there comes the eyeball test of who they have played. The easiest thing to do is eliminate common teams they have played plus the 1AA foes. That takes out the 1AA teams plus Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss., Miss. State, and AU. Western Kentucky and New Mexico State are roughly similar cupcake schedule filler. That leaves just four games for each team. My personal opinion, after all this is the eyeball test, is that Boise and Oregon are about the same as well as Georgia Tech and West Virginia. That leaves us at a two game difference in schedules. South Carolina + Vandy versus Alabama versus Arkansas. Arkansas beat South Carolina head to head (although without Lattimore playing) and Alabama crushed Vandy.

So there you have it, clearly LSU played a better schedule. However I would not say LSU's schedule is as far ahead of Georgia's as many people are making it out to be. Of course now that I have shown that the teams have a very close schedule there is one thing that is easy to say. LSU is the better team. The reason that is easy to say as a Georgia fan is because against our schedule we lost two and they have yet to lose. That is the difference between being a unanimous number 1 and being ranked 14th. I just don't want to hear how great a schedule they have played and how Georgia's was full of cupcakes, that argument just does not hold water.

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