Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LSU's greater S.O.S. or is it?

LSU has gotten a lot of credit for its schedule this season. They deserve it for having played out of conference games against West Virginia and Oregon. Add to that having to play Alabama and Arkansas in their division and again they deserve credit for who they have played. Georgia gets discredited for its schedule due to the east being down. I looked at four things to compare the two teams schedules: rank of total offense of teams they played, total defense, record and SEC record of teams. What I came up with is that LSU played against teams with 5 more wins and 6 fewer losses (West Virginia still has a game left to play) than Georgia's opponents. The average offensive rank of teams LSU played was 77.67 and for Georgia it was 84.33. The average defensive rank of teams that LSU played was 51.58 and for Georgia it was 51.83. Georgia is 3 spots behind LSU on defense but 27 spots ahead of LSU on offense.

I again adjusted their ranks by adding their offensive rank to the average rank of defense they played against and divided by two. Then added their defensive rank to the rank of the average offense they played against and divided by two. That gave an adjusted rank to account for the level of offense/defense they played against. I also averaged their adjusted offensive and defensive rank to give somewhat of an overall objective rank of strength of schedule. Georgia actually did better in this category, 44 to 48,  by a slight margin due to its higher total offense ranking. Here is the chart I used. All ranks were pulled from . *Since 1AA stats are not included in rankings I used a rank of 120, or last, for purposes. Since both teams played a 1AA school these basically negate each other.

UGA scheduleoffensedefenseRecordSEC record
Boise State112111-1
Ole Miss115882-100-8
Miss. State87426-62-6
Georgia Tech19448-4
average rank84.3351.83Opp. Total77-6620-44
UGA D rankUGA O rank
total 89.3386.83average
adjusted rank44.6743.4244.04
LSU Scheduleoffensedefense
North Western State*1201205-6
Miss. State87426-62-6
West Virginia16258-3
Western Kentucky88537-5
Ole Miss115882-100-8
average rank77.6751.58Opp. Total82-6025-39
LSU D rankLSU O Rank
adjusted rank39.8356.7948.31

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