Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quick thoughts on win over Tech

My first thought is that when Murray throws like that and the line gives him the time they did our offense is really good. Murray added four touchdowns to his Georgia record for touchdowns in a season. The one interception was not his fault as he got hit as he was throwing to cause the lame duck throw. 

My second thought is welcome to the team Malcome. Much more was expected of him out of high school than he has shown this season. He fell behind a walk-on on the depth chart and was an after thought all season long. With injuries and suspensions he finally got some playing time the last two weeks including the start today. He ran hard and was extremely effective on the last drive of the game for Georgia at killing the clock. If he can consistently play the way he did on that drive he can be a big part of the last two games of this season as well as figure into plans for next season.

Give Grantham a raise and an extension. We are going to lose him at some point. A quick extension that makes him the highest paid assistant in the country will hopefully make that point a year or two down the road. 

Extend Richt as well. Back to ten wins and in the SECCG. Recruits pay attention to things like how committed a school is to their coach. The hot seat talk is done. I doubt he will ask for much of a raise but a few extra years on his contract would be nice.

Speaking of coaches, Bobo has taken a lot of heat but he called a heck of a game today. You got the feeling that had Georgia needed more points they easily could have put them up. 

10 of 11 - After the first year Johnson beat Georgia there was a lot of Tech fans who said the series would turn around. Well that was 3 years and three losses ago.  

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