Friday, December 2, 2011

The "Other Guys"

There are several players for Georgia that everyone has talked about as being players in the game. Murray, Jones, Jenkins and Crowell are a few that come right to mind. There are a few others that I think could be relied upon to play big roles if Georgia is going to pull the upset.

The first one that comes to mind is Ken Malcome. Malcome had barely played until the last couple of weeks. He fumbled on his first carry two weeks ago. Since then he has carried the ball 20 times for 78 yards, not great but solid. A lot of those carries came late in the game against Georgia Tech where everyone knew he was getting the ball and he delivered a couple of hard runs to get first downs and ice the game. With Crowell and Thomas both being question marks it will be important that Malcome step up and give the offense a big contribution. With Samuel out Malcome is the only big back Georgia has and against a very physical defense they will need him.

Next I would list Figgins and Zander Ogletree. Everyone knows the offensive line for Georgia is going to have its hands full with the LSU front second. Figgins and Olgetree will be needed to help the line in pass protection and to open up holes for the running game. Giving the running game that extra few yards or Murray that extra half second will be crucial. They could also be called upon to sneak in a few fullback dives, Ogletree caught Tech way off guard on his first carry of the season last week. Being open for dump offs in the flats to help Murray out could be big too for keeping Georgia on schedule with the down and distance.

A huge key to the game will be special teams. Though for the most part when mentioned it is in punt coverage and kickoff coverage. I think however that Walsh could play a huge role if he can play to his all-american talent. Alabama had 3 chances in regulation to win the game with a long field goal. In overtime Alabama not being able to make a long field goal made it easy for LSU to finish off the game. If Walsh is able to hit the long field goals he used to make regularly it will be a huge boost for the offense knowing that anytime they get to the 35 yard line they will come away with points. Against a defense as good as LSU getting points every time you are close is huge.

Shawn Williams is going to be huge as well. He is a very physical safety and against the LSU run game will probably down in the box quite often to offer the front seven help. At times he can get a little too excited and hurt the team with penalties. Despite that his physical play and energy is a huge boost to the Georgia run game. He will be needed to have a big game to help limit the LSU run game and force them into passing situations.

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