Friday, December 2, 2011

Third Down and Jordan Jefferson

Jordan Jefferson has only attempted 14 third down passes in the 7 games he has played. A big reason for this is LSU is usually in short yardage situations on third down due to there strong running game. Even if Georgia can force LSU into third and long situations they are unlikely to gamble much with throwing the ball when they don't want to and risking a turnover. Against Alabama Jefferson only attempted 10 passes. Lee also attempted only 7 passes against them. In a tight game they like to win with running the ball, special teams, and limiting chances to make mistakes. Georgia is tops in the SEC at forcing turnovers and in those 17 pass attempts by LSU they turned the ball over twice. To give itself the best chance to win Georgia has to stop the run on first and second down and force LSU to choose, do they stay conservative and concede third down giving Georgia more chances with the ball or do they take chances with their passing game against a ball hawking secondary? Part of what allowed them to stay conservative against Alabama is that seldom did Alabama's offense threaten them. Murray and company can really help out the defense simply by moving the ball and putting up points, even field goals, to put pressure on the LSU offense to do more than simply not lose the game.

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