Sunday, December 18, 2011

Please don't change the bowls.

I know that in recent years people have been wanting a change to the college football post season, most notably the way the national title is decided. I will save that argument for another time. There is also a lot of people who think that there are too many bowl games. Thirty-five is probably too many but some of the best games are the ones that wouldn't be played if not for the high number of games. Watching the La-Lafayette game against San Diego State game last night was to me all that is right with college football. The game was hard fought by both teams, it had drama and the pure excitement that you rarely see at the pro level. ULL hit a 50 yard field goal to win it as time expired and the joy the players and coaches showed made it look like they just won the Super Bowl. You know why? To them it was the Super Bowl. It was their first bowl game. Games like these are why I hope the bowl system stays around forever. They are also the reason why I will watch every bowl game my schedule allows.

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