Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring games.

After Saturday's scrimmage Orson Charles was quoted as saying “Overall I thought that we won, but coach Richt said that Georgia won, so it’s all good.” Then I watched the Texas spring game and they were talking to Mack Brown and he basically stated how great Texas looked on both sides of the ball. I am a huge fan of spring games, mainly because it is the only college football I get from for close to 8 months. However I try to never get to excited one way or the other because in the end the offense looking great opens up questions about the defense and vice versa. Now with the first team going against the second team I always hope that the first teamers win their battles but at the same time depth is a big factor when making it through an SEC schedule so I don't want the second team to look too bad.
So what are the biggest things to look for this spring that will give us clues to success in the fall? Do the safeties do their job of being in position, making open field tackles, and taking away big plays? How many of the receivers step up and start to show they can be counted on? Can we establish a clear starting five on the offensive line so they have time to jell as a group this summer? Who will be the guy that emerges from the pack to be the man that Crowell has to beat out to be the starting tailback this fall? There are other questions but to me those are the biggest questions that spring ball will hopefully provide answers to.

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