Friday, September 9, 2011

Can Georgia do what it did to Boise?

That may sound like an odd question but hear me out. There were two true positives on the defensive side of the ball. First the defense came out and forced punts on 4 of Boise's first five drives and got a turn over on the 6th drive. The second thing is that the defense did not give up a play of over 20 yards. For as good as Boise looked on offense they had to methodically move the ball down the field. The question is can Georgia get off to the same type start and limit Carolina to having to "take what the defense gives them".

Against Boise this was not the greatest strategy due to Kellen Moore being their quarterback. It might work against Garcia. Patience is not a virtue he possesses. If he is forced to dump the ball off time after time I wonder if Garcia would become impatient, especially if Carolina got off to the slow start that Boise's offense did. I can see Lattimore beating Georgia grinding the game out but if Garcia gets impatient then I could see him making a couple of big mistakes to really hurt Carolina. Maybe the coaches had the right gameplan on defense, just for the wrong game.

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