Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Closer look at game

I am re-watching the game and just got to the point that Boise State went up 21 points. On defense when we brought pressure, at least 5 guys, a majority of the plays of a drive we had success and did not give up a point. In the other 5 drives Boise State scored 4 touchdowns and drove the ball down the field where we finally brought pressure and forced an interception with the pressure. I do not know what would have happened had we brought pressure more often but given the results of what happened when we did and when we didn't Grantham should have gambled at some point in the game to say you know what we are getting sliced up by not bringing pressure it is time to bring it all the time and see what happens.

As for offense the entire game can be wrapped up in one drive. Georgia got the ball for the first time in the second half down 21-7. We came out in the I-formation and drove the ball down the field with a mix of passes to the tight ends with a few runs mixed in. Upon making it to the Boise 28 yard line we went away from the I and into the shotgun formation. At that point we lost 2 yards, had a dropped pass that would likely not have gained more than a few yards and gave up a sack backing Georgia up to the 37 and forcing us to try what would have been a career long field goal for Walsh. Bobo finally found something that was working and working play after play and he quickly went away from it. Game Over.

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