Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late week review - CC

Spent the week at the beach so this review is very late but here were my measures of success to the game against Coastal Carolina. Should have a review of Ole Miss sometime later tonight.

1) Zero false starts, illegal procedure or offside’s calls. A total of less than 5 penalties for the entire game. Result – Mixed, Only 5 penalties total is the good news, with only 3 coming against the starters. The bad news is that it wiped out two TD’s, one which ended in a TD anyway and the other in a punt. Three of the five were holds. Offensive line still needs to improve.

2) Domination by both lines. Result – Good but still needs improvement. The numbers on offense looked but there were still time the line was suspect. Defensive line got no sacks but had plenty of pressure on the QB and didn’t allow CC any running room.

3) No blown coverages by the back 8. Result - Big time success with only one play going for more than 15 yards and only a handful going for more than 10.

4) Murray is accurate with ALL of his passes and there are ZERO drops. Result – Mixed, Murray led the team to TD’s in the first 5 drives of the game. His numbers looked good at 69% of his passes for 188 yards and 3 td’s in just over a half of play, but it still seemed as though he could have been better. He was high on several throws, forced a couple of others, and it seems as though on his completions he is throwing the ball into the receivers bodies instead of a step ahead of them where they can catch the ball in stride leading to bigger yards after the catch. This is really nit-picking but that is because I truly believe Murray can be better.

5) Coastal’s punter being very tired after the game and their kicker being very rested. Result – 10 punts, 1 kickoff by CC, enough said.

6) Turnovers, Zero for the Dawgs, bunch for the Chanticleers. Result – Only turnover by Georgia was Rambo’s fumble, which means the offense had zero turnovers. Rambo had the one pick and the special teams forced two fumbles. Not bad, could have been better if Rambo hung onto the ball.

7)One and a half quarters of me trying to figure out who the heck is on the field for UGA as I learn guys numbers that haven't got many(any) snaps in the past two games. Andrews, Dantzlter, Gates, Houston, Long, Lynch and Ogletree opening up a huge hole for Malcome to run through. Repeat. Result – Success, while it wasn’t Malcome getting the runs the bench was cleared early in the second half and lots of young guys got some playing time.

8)92,746 in their seats standing and screaming for kickoff cheering on the Dawgs. All 92,746 again standing and cheering as the Dawgs run off the field at halftime with a perfectly played first half. Result – 800 unsold tickets breaking a 64 game streak.

9) Branden Smith coming out wearing a #4 jersey. Use Boykin, Crowell and Smith all at once on at least one play to force teams to spend practice time on the formation. Result – Didn’t happen, maybe this week.

10) The Tiggers to the north ending the Tiggers from the west winning streak. Result – Streak broken.

Prediction 56-0 Actual score – 59-0 pretty darn close.

Overall a good game for UGA against a weak team. Team is improving but must continue to do so as the next five games are against SEC foes.

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