Monday, September 26, 2011

Boykin should get chance

One site I frequently use to check out how UGA is stacking up against the SEC and to look for opponents strengths and weaknesses is While doing my first look over on Mississippi State I found one stat that I love. Mississippi State's kicker Brian Egan is averaging 63 yards per kickoff meaning the ball generally is caught by the other team at the 7 yard line. He also has ZERO touchback's in 25 kickoffs. If that holds true for Saturday's game then Boykin should get a chance at a big return anytime State has a kickoff, which will hopefully only be once. By comparison Walsh is averaging 67 yards per kickoff with 10 of his 25 kickoffs going for touchbacks. Boykin averages 25 yards per return while Mississippi State averages about 16. Between the kickoff distance and the average return that is about 15 yards of starting field position. Hopefully the right Dawgs will take advantage of this.

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